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(1.10 yr onwards)



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(4.10 yr onwards)


The preschool, for age group between 1.10 – 6 years is with a play based approach. We use tools such as storytelling, art and music, reading and gardening, among others, we aim to tug at the natural curiosity and openness of a child to convey lessons. There are no pre-prepared assignments or closed rooms, just lessons to be learnt.

The learning model followed is: Observe – Absorb – Make – Play, giving each child the opportunity to interact with their thoughts and material around them to create something new. Children, having the freedom to learn and explore in an open environment with no restrictions learn the importance of individuality, respect and accountability. Educators act as facilitators for the development of the child’s intellectual, socio-emotional, cognitive and overall personality.

Day care

A day-care must, first and foremost, offer the child with a welcoming and homely environment. For this reason, we prioritise safety, food and nutrition and the freedom and comfort of home at Svā. As the child may spend a large part of their time at the center, we use the tools of playtime, storytelling, reading, etc. to inculcate positive habits and hobbies in children, with the interest and passion to pursue them for years to come.

Hobby center

When learning is fun, one wishes that it never stops. The hobby centre is a gathering of the students after school hours, wherein they are grouped according to age, and participate in a number of different activities, carefully curated according to their age groups and interest. The activities may be both individual and within groups to encourage collaboration and community while still encouraging individual expression.



Art Zone

A space for students to learn, express and collaborate on art and colour using a number of different tools.

social-care (3)(1)

Awareness Drive

We take our responsibility towards our fellow beings and the planet seriously, and strive to inculcate the same in our students.


Music and Movement

Designated sessions during which students learn and explore their musical side.



Our campus has a designated reading nook with material from different genres that may be accessed by all students.


Story Time

With story time, we share stories and lessons with children in an interactive manner. The lessons we remember, after all, are through our best loved stories.


Puddle Play

Some things cannot be taught with pen and paper, they must be experienced. With this ideology, we hope to develop instinct.

puppet show

Puppet Show

A widely loved form of storytelling to help children associate with characters and learn about diversity.



At heart, Svā Academy is an old school thought of complete, holistic learning in the contemporary context. The atelier is designed to resemble a Gurukul with a tree of learning.The place in the campus which rooms multi age group activities.