Our Story

Svā Academy took birth as a centre for education inspired from the Reggio Emilia Philosophy. We believe that each child is born with the potential to achieve wonderous things, and deserves a world that honours this potential.

Our Philosophy

“The child has a hundred languages.” This quote is the heart of the Reggio Emilia Philosophy, named after the Italian city where it was first developed by pedagogist Loris Malaguzzi. The core principle of this educational approach is the belief that children are naturally equipped with extraordinary potential to learn. This potential manifests in an ecosystem in which they are allowed limitless social and cultural exchange.

Our Message

At Svā Academy, we believe in the natural intelligence of every child. Every child is born with a universe within them, so the freedom of each child to explore their natural selves is what lies at our core. After all, dreams don’t fit in boxes, so why should dreamers have to?

Our Programmes


For children aged between 1.10 – 6 years to embark on the journey of learning through instinct and improvisation.

Day Care

Constructive use of time is a habit that is essential today. Our day care provides a safe, welcoming environment and engaging activities for growth.

Hobby Center

The hobby center provides a set of curated activities for children to take on and cultivate their natural aptitude and strengths.

Why Love Us

Friendly Educators

Friendly Educators

Our educators are trained to be the facilitators in a child’s natural journey. They aid each child in achieving their natural potential, and walk the path with them, as learners in their own right.

Delicious Meals

Delicious Meals

Food is a marvel that delights each individual, alike. Freshly prepared meals eaten together over peals of laughter and warm conversation inculcate a feelings of community and oneness in a child.

Excellent Programmes

Excellent Programmes

When a child enters our campus, they enter a world free of barriers, inhibitions and force. Children of all age groups interact and contribute towards cultivating one another’s personalities as well as their own, on their own terms.

Joyous Sprouting

Joyous Sprouting

Sustainable living is the need of the hour. We believe that it’s never too early to inculcate sensitivity towards the environment and other living beings.

What Are The Facilities

Learning is not just a conscious effort, but a continuous process. Children are restricted only by the boundaries of the campus. Within it, they are free to take on activities and projects of their choice.

Our objective is to provide children with a free and welcoming environment to explore their instincts. We have a number of designated spaces for various activities such as a Library, Puzzle room, Clay station, Indoor and Outdoor Play area, Garden, Sound Box, Art Zone, Puppet theatre, Mirror wall and many others that help in developing a sense of respect and fraternity.

With fidgety tools on a staircase, gardening and learning to grow the food they eat, a puddle pool to understand space and textures, sand & water play to experience comfort with natural elements, we hope to incorporate learning into everyday – real life activities.

What We Offer


Art Zone

Art gives tremendous freedom to let loose one’s mind, to give way for the truest expression of the self. Through the art zone, we aim to encourage creativity and collaboration.



The development of interpersonal skills and collaboration are key factors of growth. We frequently organize events as a gentle push for students for the same.


Music & Singing

Music is a voice of revolution, it is also a melodious connection. For the children at Svā Academy, however, it is a way to let creative juices flow without inhibition.


Reading Tree

We encourage reading as a method of linguistic learning. We have created a nook under the shade of a tree where students can flip pages to learn some lessons of life and some, of language.



Perhaps the lessons we learnt best were told to us through beloved tales, through characters we related to, whose victories and sufferings we were equal partners in.


Puddle Play

The Reggio Emilia Philosophy lays emphasis on experiences to develop instinct. We do this through a cluster of textures such as sand, mud, etc. which each child can understand through unique interactions within a safe space.

puppet show

Puppet Show

An interactive and engaging way to communicate to students through a melange of art forms as well as tug at the strings of their imagination.


Play Zone

Apart from being a place where children love to spend their energies on, it’s also a place where children develop social and interpersonal skills while playing with their peers. The Play zone at our campus has an array of play tools that makes the child want to stay there happily. Similar to the rest of the campus, the play zone has also been designed allowing natural light, ventilation and safety kept in mind.



A Place where we laugh together, clap together and wonder together. The place in the campus which rooms multi age and multi purpose group activities.

Parents Word of Wisdom