Who We Are

Much has been written on the right way to learn. We believe that there is none. The word ‘Svā’ is the Sanskrit word for self, or oneself. We accept and encourage the individualities that form this unique self, and hope to help them forge their own path from an early age. To be different, we think, is normal. The distinctive qualities and education must serve as an asset towards becoming our best self, not a hindrance that prevents it. The joy of learning that echoes in the laughter of a child is the sound we love best.



Svā Academy was co-founded by Chintan Mithaiwala and Deepashree Jois

Chintan Mithaiwala

Chintan Mithaiwala is been a part of the corporate world, handling various managerial positions over a span of 15 years. It was when he was looking for a play school for his son, a curious child by nature, that he realised his zeal for nurturing the inherent curiosity and creativity of a child.

Deepashree Jois

On the other end of the spectrum lay Deepashree Jois, a singer and artist with over 10 years of teaching experience. As part of this ecosystem herself, Deepashree noticed a similar absence of a free and nurturing pedagogy. She therefore, found herself with the thirst to create such an environment.

These two thought processes collided to give way to Svā Academy, an educational institution with thoroughly researched, unique processes to provide holistic learning for each child.

Our Vision & Mission

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An ecosystem that celebrates individuality



To celebrate the uniqueness and divinity of each child while offering guidance to help them bloom.

Awareness Drive

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As with our other activities, we believe that goodness is within all individuals – all they need is guidance. To promote this idea, Svā Academy organized the Funathon 2020, rooted in the spirit that road safety is essential for making our roads and neighbourhoods safe for children. Wouldn’t it be an enriching experience that our children are able to freely and safely experience the freedom we experienced in our childhood.

At Funathon 2020, the children played traditional Indian games such as Buguri, Goli, Tyre race, patternwalks and Hopscotch, the adults also played along reliving their glorious childhood days.

On the awareness side, parents and children together took part in various sessions to promote road sense, caution & courtesy while driving. The key message of the event was “Drivers & Riders, #slow down!”.

Svā Academy is committed to stay focused on the larger objective of safe roads for children. The Funathon will be an year on year event that spreads the message and the awareness to its meaningful level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here’s answers to some of the questions that may be on top of your mind:

What's the curriculum?

As a Reggio Emilia inspired school, our objective is to aid and encourage learning through a play-based approach with an emphasis on understanding. In accordance with this philosophy, lessons are created around activities like games, art, music, theatre, storytelling, gardening, sculpting, etc in order to help children develop their cognitive and creative skills as well as sensory and motor skills.

We believe that all elements of the student’s immediate surroundings, including the peers, educators, parents and the classroom surroundings serve in cohesion for the development of the educational curriculum.

What about food?

Food is a crucial aspect of nutrition and growth, and also the development of sensory skills. We strongly believe that children must eat freshly cooked, hot, nutritious food. Our educators and students sit together every day to eat the same food and bond with a sense of community and equality. Our food menu changes daily and features dishes from cuisines across the globe to encourage adaptability and curiosity. We place utmost emphasis on quality of food and hygiene standards. We also source produce from vegetables grown by students in our own gardens to encourage respect and connection to food.

Educator: Child ratio

Individuality and freedom are the core of our philosophy. To best achieve this, we believe that each student should be given individual attention so as to be able to connect to lessons in the best way. For preschool, 1 teacher is allotted to 5-8 students. For daycare, the ratio is 1 educator for 10 children. Each educator is grouped with a set of children through their 3 years at Svā, maintaining the understanding, bond, and sense of comfort.

Will there be exams?

Allotting a value to a child’s achievements in our eyes diminishes them. We aim to set the highest standards of education for a child, and do not believe in fear or nervousness as motivation to achieve them. There are, therefore, no tests conducted for assessment. Instead, our evaluation process is based on a methodology of daily evaluation and documentation of the child’s progress. We believe in a parents’ contribution to their child’s growth and encourage positive discussions on the same through timely meetings.


Our campus is CCTV enabled. The building is sealed with a grill, and there is a doctor on call in case of an emergency.

What’s a hobby center?

In an age of screen time, we believe that cultivating hobbies are essential for cognitive and creative development. Our hobby center is a gathering of students after school hours wherein they are exposed to various engaging art forms in an interactive manner. In simple words, its an year long summer camp where a child will never get bored of learning. Day-care children are automatically enrolled in the hobby center at no additional cost.

What's so unique about us?

Svā is a premier academy that places uniqueness and individuality at the core of the pedagogy. Instead of a generic curriculum for all children in tightly packed classrooms, we emphasize learning through sensory experiences and collaboration. At Svā, we are a community focused on each other’s growth.

Age group?

  • Pre-school: 1.10 years to 6 years
  • Day care: 1.10 years to 1.10 years
  • Hobby centre: 1.10 years to 1.10 years


  • Pre-school (1.1 to 4 years): 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • Pre-school (4 to 6 years): 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Day care: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Hobby centre: 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.